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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions is an open site on which you can add content. Nevertheless content publication is regulated by the following basic principles.

Using, you agree to read and to take all our conditions and be informed of any change or addition. If you do not agree with these terms, you must not in any way use this website.

  1. License

The site contains information, images and other materials are the property of and/or users of the site. Under these conditions, you can view and submit information to be made available to users of the site, for you and other users of protection, you may not:

    • Reproduce all or part of the site on another server or in another place, or
    • Redistribute or disclose any information obtained from this site to a third party (be it a website or other).

You may not sell, modify or make derivative works of the information obtained on the; modify or remove any copyright or any reference to copyright material. reserves all rights not specifically reported in this paragraph. You can edit or delete any of your own information posted on the site at any time.

  1. Operating rules

These rules may include limiting the size of messages and images, the duration of the advertisement and any additional activity. You are aware that it is your responsibility to manage any information you may submit to this site. In any case is not responsible for any deletion of information or failure to store this information.

    1. Links

Any advertisement placed on may contain links to external websites or information. However reserves the right to remove links or lock them in some cases. cannot verify, approve or control such external sites and information, cannot be held liable for any information, products or services contained in and external sites unrelated to

    1.  Moderation of content on the site has the right but not the obligation to refuse, move or remove any content which is considered misinformation or mismatching the purposes of the site or violate our terms and conditions stated here or otherwise. We can suspend or terminate your access to the site if we believe that your actions disturb the activity of any other site user or may incur liability of or any other user of the site.

  1. Disclaimer of Warranty accepts no responsibility regarding to the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, or operability or availability of information or material displayed in the results obtained by its services. accepts no responsibility for the deletion, failure to store, non-delivery or untimely delivery of such information or data. accepts no responsibility regarding to the harm which is caused by downloading or use of information/data available on the Internet through the services of this site.
You understand and agree that you download or use information/data services via at your discretion and at your own risk and that you bear solely responsible for any damages caused to your computer system or data loss that could result from downloading and/or use of this information or such data.

  1. Limits of liability will in any case not be liable for the relationship/transactions between users regarding use of services on this site.

  1. Personal information collecting

By using this site, you accept the terms of concerning data protection.

  1. Terms for advertisers

All advertisements on must be consistent with:

    • the present terms;
    • the terms of use;
    • the regulations on data protection;
    • the laws applicable in Ghana.

The advertiser is solely responsible for the information published and behaviors during transactions in which he/she participates, otherwise eliminate its content and/or account or termination, in serious cases.

You may not:

    • Insert an content banned;
    • Insert an content of poor quality;
    • Put your content in the non adequate category;
    • Insert a series of content for the same purpose in many fields, multiple copies or for a short time interval;
    • Insert an ad for a product or service that does not exist, you have no right to sell;
    • Use for fraudulent or illegal activities.

Content banned does not allow itself to be a censor. However, to protect members from possible fraud or criminal accusations, announcements such types are prohibited and may be deleted:

    • Weapons and ammunition;
    • The goods or services counterfeit or contraband;
    • Parts of human body fluids or droppings or human;
    • Form of racist, abusive, sexist, propaganda, hateful, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, etc..
    • Promotion of illegal activities;
    • Pornography;
    • Illegal drugs; Drugs;
    • Clairvoyance;
    • Stolen property;
    • Sale of Alcohol;
    • Sale of Cigarettes;
    • Providing financial independence or professional methods of rapid gains money;
    • Announcement whose goal is to redirect customers to other web sites, shops or businesses;
    • Ads that reference competitors – direct (providing only ads) or indirect (with ads and offers).

Ad quality
To offer users a service with listings of consistent quality, it is that ads meet the following criteria:


    • must describe the goods or services concerned by the announcement;
    • can be a highlight title using a series of characters or letters;
    • should not be “seductive”.

Examples of titles that does not allowed:

    • Fastest car !!!!!!!!!!!!! (Emphasis title using exclamation points in succession);
    • Fastest car ______________ (Emphasis title using underscores in succession);
    • F A S T C A R (Emphasis title with spaces between letters);
    • FASTEST CAR (uppercase only);
    • Hot deal here (Title seductive and unrelated announcement);
    • The text should not contain characters such as @,%,!, &.

The announcement

    • must match the category in which it is posted and its title;
    • can be posted in several copies;
    • can be a highlight title using a series of characters or uppercase.


    • should correspond with the announcement;
    • should not cause confusion to the user and should reflect as closely as possible the object in the announcement;
    • it is also recommended to use your own pictures and not those of others. For this, we recommend you take a picture of your items (with a digital camera or by scanning the photo);
    • we do not recommend using photos without the permission of their owner.
    • the weight should be 150 kb

Misuse of keywords

Do not use unnecessary or excessive keywords or phrases in the ads. Keywords that do not add information to the announcement and used to trick the user during his search or those repeated multiple times are considered as misleading.

Removing ads or accounts may, at its discretion, at any time, without warning, delete, rearrange, re-categorize the ads, block or delete the account of members who not respecting the terms of use, data protection or conditions for the advertiser. undertakes:

    • Control of Content withdraw any advertisement that is contrary to law, placed in the wrong category or city, vulgar or otherwise to its terms of use. If, despite our best efforts, you find our site an announcement that is contrary to its terms of use, please contact us, but we can not held responsible.
    • Respect for privacy
      We need to collect a certain amount of data which is necessary for the proper functioning of the service and publication of advertisements. Only information that contained in the announcement and the information that absolutely necessary for linking are accessible to the public. In the form of personal data collection it is noted if the collection compulsory or voluntary. We are the only recipients of the data transmitted to us. The information collected may also help resolve any disputes between users or keep you abreast of our news.
    • Privacy
      The user acknowledges that wishes to promote a fair and consistent practice morality of the Internet. Accordingly, the user agrees not to use the site for illegal purposes.

The user further agrees:

    • not to use the services provided by or personal data that he/she could access for trade;
    • not to falsify any statement or item of property;
    • not to break into a computer system, not to modify the content, or commit crimes punishable by Mauritian law (hacking), not to proceed with the mailing of unsolicited messages in mailboxes of other users (spamming).
    • to have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning himself.

These terms of use may be modified at any time because of changes or additions made to the site.